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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Highly Dubious Investment Advice 

Now that you've collected your million dollars from your dear Nigerian friend's secure bank account, you need help to invest it wisely. Arena Pharmaceuticals is kind enough to subtly provide such advice in the first sentence of a press release today, announcing what it claims to be very positive results from a Phase II trial of its new obesity drug, ADP356.

ADP356 is a selective 5HT-2C receptor agonist, which is thought to have effects on food intake. Though it is not supposed to be effective on 5HT-2A or -2B, or on other 5HT receptors, I can't wait for the psychological and physiological side effects to start popping up. If they don't, or at least fail to do so before the drug hits the market, we're all gonna be really sorry we didn't buy Nasdaq: ARNA this morning.

Of course, when said side effects do surface, we'll be really glad to have sold our shares the week before!

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