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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The (Pocket) Burninator 

Recently, a third-graded brought his mom's insulin needle to class and pricked a bunch of his classmates, one of whom may be HIV-positive. Obviously, the mother is partly to blame, but to be fair - kids have a habit of getting into things they aren't supposed to, and needles have to be disposed of (storing them in the first place - there's no indication the kid was sharing an already-used needle - is yet another issue).

So: needle disposal. While medical facilities have all kinds of special storage and disposal devices, at-home users (diabetics, allergy sufferers, socially conscious smackheads, etc.) have fewer options and more limited means. A new product, the delightfully named "Disintegrator Plus," is an 8x9-inch device that somehow squeezes 2500°F (1371-ish°C) out of a rechargable battery, which melts (i.e., disintegrates) needles in a few seconds.

Sounds cool. What other household items could one put in there???

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