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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Is generally a bad thing, as is paragandoia (I actually just made up that word, 'paranoia' + 'propaganda' = paragandoia; see also "Fox News"). There are times, however, that a good shock and scare can do some real good.

Take the current flu situation, for example: we had a big overhyped scare over flu vaccines here in the US last year, and the Avian flu is running rampant in Asia. It's spreading too. There is no vaccine, no cure, and it's a nasty little bugger. The editors of the prestigious journal, Nature believe more drastic action needs to be taken, and has created a hypothetical (prospective?) blog about the flu pandemic breaking out later this year.

I don't know what efforts are underway in this area, but it is my instinct to guess that "Ms. O'Reilly" probably knows of what she speaks. This kind of event would make the "war on terror" look like a toddler's teeball scrimmage, so I guess I'd like to see more action on it from NIH, WHO, et al.

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