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Friday, May 27, 2005

Stupid Doctor Tricks 

An editorial in today's British Medical Journal might be the most idiotic thing I've seen in quite a while. They want to ban kitchen knives, because they're such a convenient and lethal weapon. This is beyond completely stupid, but follows from what's commonly known about British cuisine*.

The logic seems to be that there is no reason to have a pointed kitchen knife except to kill your spouse. I of course quibble that there are plenty of things I do that require a pointed knife (even beyond coring apples), but besides that, has any kind of 'it might be used for a crime so let's ban it' legislation ever accomplished anything besides a black market and increased police expenditures to enforce said ban? Gun control laws are an entirely different matter, as there is no real reason for most types of gun except to shoot a person, and the likelihood of said guns being an effective method of self-defense is approximately zero.

* I'm using the word cuisine loosely.

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