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Monday, May 23, 2005

What Would Jesus Eat? 

Concurrent to the obesity epidemic sweeping the nation, we also have an epidemic of pseudo-religiousity, so why not combine the two? Some are now advocating The Jesus Diet, which is essentially the same thing actual nutritionists have been saying for years: whole grain bread, fish, red wine, and fruit. The Jesus diet passingly mentions eating less, in vague homage to the not-especially-popular fact that Jesus was, like most of the world at the time, probably half-starving most of his life.

I think that going hungry for a good long while, walking around in the hot sun without air conditioning, and contemplating the universe would do untold amounts of good for the self-appointed moralists of modern America.

Also, members of the religious right reading this and getting all offended should probably work on their more complex brain functions.

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