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Friday, June 10, 2005

Dubious Research Du Jour 

I admit, I have not read the whole article, only this press release. But even from this snippet, I can say I really don't buy the research, which suggests that up to 70% of elections can be predicted by saying the 'baby-faced' candidate will lose to the 'more competent looking' one.

There's no question that appearance sways modern elections in amazing ways. Just like good looking people tend to get higher pay and more favoritism directed their* direction. Bill Clinton, however, is just about the most baby-faced politician I can think of, and dubya is about as not competent looking a fucperson I can think of.

If really true this is a horrifying (but not altogether astounding) discovery, but I think it's probably missing some details and nuances.

* I'd say 'our,' but clearly I'm the exception to that rule.

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