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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Cruise Madness 

I love Queerday, I really do, but this is just bloody offensive. First of all, faux-ancé or not, Cruise is really a semi-washed-up, mostly-overrated, actor-turned-cultist*, and his antics were cuter when he was.

I understand the fun of celebrity-watching, and am fully in favor of it - it's more fun than watching myself self-destruct, after all - but the whole is-he-gay-or-isn't-he is, after the first three tries, just more self-loathing crap from the "gay community." It's the sort of shit you expect from some right-wing nutjob's smear campaign, not from people trying to gain acceptance.

So please Queerday, and Advocate, and Out, (a) stop outing people and (especially (b)) spreading stupid rumours about people. How 'bout you direct some of that vitriol at the Tina-queens, barebackers, and Log Cabin Republicans who are negatively affecting our real lives? What a novel bloody concept.

*Granted, I've never accomplished any of those things, but still.

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