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Bernhard Schlink

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Sleep 

I used to be so good at not sleeping...I could go on one or two hours a night for weeks, and then 'catch up' with a whopping 8-9 hour binge. Then, I graduated from college. I can still manage on not enough sleep, but I really notice it. I get so much less done these days, wasting a third of my time unconscious!

All this is why I'm now jealous of baby dolphins. It seems that they, and baby orcas, don't sleep for the first few months of life. More amazing is that their mothers seem to sleep at all during this period either. I don't know many human mothers who've slept much during their kids first few months of screaming either, but still. I'm not sure I believe that this is entirely accurate: lots of animals are able to cycle-sleep, that is, have part of their brain sleep while they swim or whatever else. Either way, it's impressive.

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