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Friday, June 17, 2005

Paging Dr. Einstein 

This article totally baffles me. It says that scientists have developed a new model that would allow time travel but only time travel that doesn't change things in the past. It says,
"You wouldn't be able to kill him because the very fact that he is alive today is going to conspire against you so that you'll never end up taking that path leads you to killing him."
Does that sentence even mean anything? In as much as I am at a loss for physics, this seems totally ludicrous. If you send a particle back in time, it is there in the past when it should have been in the present/future. If nothing else, it would have to have a (even ever so slight) gravitational effect or disrupt the wind just so, etc. Then, if you're talking about sending a whole person back, well, aside from the air they breathe that otherwise wouldn't get breathed until the present/future, other people might, um, notice.

Anyone care to help my brain hurt less here?

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