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Monday, June 13, 2005


After yesterday's Pride activities, I really wanted to go home and go to sleep. But, I had a ticket for the M.I.A./LCD Soundsystem show at the 9:30 Club, so I went to that instead. I am really glad I did. The beginning of M.I.A.'s set was slightly marred by muddy sound, but their energy came through nonetheless, and as the sound improved around the third or fourth song the show really got going.

M.I.A. is incredible. So much energy, such brilliant beats. I danced the whole show, my eyes flitting from the singers to the DJ backing them, who was not only excellent but also rather hot and grinning the whole time. When the performers are having a good time, the show will almost always be great. Their set was only about 45 minutes, but it was so intense that it felt right. They even did an encore.

LCD came out a while later, and immediately began having technical problems. "We don't have roadies," the singer explained, as the pause between songs passed a couple minutes. For one such pause, they even put on recorded music - this is not how you do a professional show. If you're playing at Fort Reno, or maybe even the Black Cat, this could be acceptable. However, this is a fairly large venue, and we've paid good money to see the show, so please guys, hire a damn roadie.

I left about 45 minutes into LCD's set, since I was not feeling it at all and figured I might as well get some sleep. This means I missed the after-party at Dragonfly (which I would have loved to see), but also that I'm conscious this morning.

End result: "Arular" is on my Amazon queue.

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