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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Miss Fatty McOversized 

We all know that obesity is a growing problem, particularly among American kids, but the precise reasons are still sketchy: obviously some combination of eating too much and moving too little is to blame, but the details have proved rather elusive. A new study in today's Lancet gives an interesting look at girls' dietary and exercise habits from age 9-19, a period when girls are seen to be gaining lots of weight (despite all the mass media hysteria over anorexia).

It's a very interesting read, though I can't say it produces a particularly useful result. Knowing that lower daily activity is clearly related to more weight gain is good to have established, but the methods of this study don't allow much in the way of possible solutions: it doesn't address cultural differences (various socio-economic, ethnic, etc. groups have wildly varied eating and activity habits and opportunities), and I can't help but feel like this could fuel a sort of 'throw-up-your-hands' mentality.

Press release here, article here (use bugmenot). Read the commentary too.

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