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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Prevention Purse Strings 

Dubya is fond of trying to apply 'business models' to non-business issues, particularly healthcare. The trouble is, these models don't work very well.

I wonder if there's any chance that this editorial will sway anyone? It's an economic analysis which reaches a completely obvious conclusion: treatment programs for HIV and AIDS in Africa are hugely more expensive than effective prevention programs would be. The thing a model like this doesn't take into account is the non-HIV-related improvements that education and prevention programs would yield...better overall health knowledge and access, particularly for women, civil rights advancements, etc., would all be likely outcomes. I fear, however, that this will only be used as an excuse to promote politically-motivated, counter-productive programs of which bushco is so fond.

* I'm fairly sure the faith involved is that in that fact that most voters are not really paying attention.

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