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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What's Up With Wired? 

I was shocked, absolutely shocked, and a bit dismayed to read this morning that the end was near; the environmental lobby had given up, and decided to embrace a polluted planet once and for all: "Enviros Make U-Turn, Praise SUV."

I expect better from Wired. They know technology, and have even managed to publish some really good and insightful pieces on other topics as well. The Sierra Club is not endorsing SUVs, or really even Ford's new hybrid. They are saying 'its a start' and making a play to encourage the hybrid to sell well enough to encourage more demand. Sierra Club representatives interviewed make it very clear that the Mariner hybrid is *better than the gas-powered Mariner,* but loudly point out that it still gets fairly crappy gas mileage, on the whole.

Why does Wired seem to be pandering?

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