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Friday, August 05, 2005

Better than Borf 

After all the commotion around DC's guerilla artist/protester/pseudo-anarchist Borf, you had to know it wouldn't be long before somebody decided to show him up.

Bansky, a semi-anonymous Bristol native, has been putting up satirical graffiti all over the West Bank Barrier. His images are of holes in the wall with various idyllic scenes of what might be on the other side*. This guy kicks Borf's ass. He's gone to a war zone - on holiday - to make fun of the ruling faction, his work is pretty, his satire effective, and he has a spokeswoman.

C'mon, DC...you gonna let some Brit outshine your political graffiti glory??!!

* Much to the disappointment of those managing to get across, all that's there is more desert and xenophobic Israelis.

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