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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Straight Rams Only, Please 

New research coming from Oregon State University suggests that about 8 percent of male sheep may be gay. The press release doesn't give any details on the study, so I can't say whether I believe that number or not, but it is similar to the estimated 10% in humans, which does make sense.

The researchers are looking for the 'gay genes,' and are hoping to develop a test sheep farmers can use to better choose which stud to buy. This is a bit creepy in sheep to begin with, but then what happens when it inevitably gets applied to humans? This is the scary part of genetics: the part where we start picking what traits we want our kids to have, and limiting or predetermining people's place or role in society by genetic tests; this is the part we have to watch out for.

Optimistically, discovery of a 'gay gene' will lead to more tolerance and less discrimination and idiotic ranting about gayness being against some petty, hateful vision of god*.

* I prefer my god generous and loving and wise.

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