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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Walk the Walk 

I never rode the bus to school (neither the short one nor the regular); I always either walked or drove. In high school, I usually got a ride in the morning and then walked home (via swimming practice, which was at another school's pool). Sometimes I biked. Sometimes I bummed a ride. JK's stories suggest I may have missed out on the fun.

A new study in the BMJ suggests (pdf here) that adolescents who walk to and/or from school get more exercise than kids who take the bus, and are consequently thought to be less at risk of obesity, etc. I'm not exactly sure what this study establishes: kids who exercise more get more exercise seems to be the basic thesis - how is that a publishable finding?

Also, I didn't turn out more or less of a couch potato than JK, and if he turned out much skinnier, he might have been an Olsen.

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