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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Women Are Skanks 

A new study, to whose validity I cannot speak, as the release is vague and I can't find an abstract, claims that as many as one in twenty-five kids may not be their fathers' own, unbeknownst to either.

Aside from the ... complicated ... social issues arising from this knowledge - particularly when daddy dearest finds out - are compounded by the potentially lethal medical issues this could cause. Not knowing that you have, say, a genetic predisposition for diabetes or heart disease can affect medical treatments, for starters.

The only way this "paternal discrepancy" happens is that a mother either (a) lies to the man she's with, or (b) doesn't even know herself who the father is. Conclusion: about 4% of women are lying hobags. Then again, at least 75% of men are lying hobags (aka players), so it evens out, right?

Correction: 1 in 25, not 25%...yay alexia.

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