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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bad News for Kids 

To all the parents who are refusing to have their children vaccinated against chicken pox, instead believing that getting them 'naturally' infected by exposing them to other kids with the (potentially fatal) disease: you are fucking stupid, and you deserve not only to end up with a deforming case of shingles, but also to have your kids taken away from you. To all the children of said parents: I am sorry for you.

Also, as if it wasn't already bad enough to be a bit pudgy in elementary and middle school, it appears that kids who are not really overweight but just a but, err, soft around the edges, have warning signs of later cardiovascular problems. The thing is, I almost wonder if the traits they see in these kids don't mean something entirely different in kids than in adults. It wouldn't be so shocking - kids bodies react in different ways to lots of things. And I am still against putting kids who don't really need it through the stress and humiliation of being on a diet.

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