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Thursday, September 01, 2005

BushCo's War on Science Continues 

I'm sure everyone's heard by now that Susan F. Wood stepped down from her position as Director of the Office of Womens Health at the FDA, due to the body's continued refusal to approve Plan B for over the counter sales, despite all scientific recommendations.

I'm incredibly annoyed about this situation: the FDA is supposed to regulate based on science and safety issues, not political gamesplaying. The only reason Plan B is not approved is because the dubya administration (the parts not on perpetual vacation, that is) claim to view it as an "abortion drug" - which it plainly is not. They really view it as an advancement of womens' rights, something neoconservatives really abhor, and is the true raison d'être behind all this "culture of life" bullshit.

I do understand Dr. Wood's frustrations with the FDA - a good friend of mine also tired of the political atmosphere there and resigned under the Clinton administration - but in her case, stepping down was the most counter-productive thing to do. Her successor will no doubt be someone who follows the Party Line, and we will have lost another voice for reason in our government.

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