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Friday, September 23, 2005

DOQRAPS Attacks!!! 

A study examining age of death versus monogram valence (positive monogram means your name is, say Frank Lyle Ynlaz, or FLY, and negative would be Farrah Amy Tate, or FAT), and negates previous claims that positive valence is related to increased longevity. The good side: large n, many age cohorts. Then, the rest.

Valence is a totally subjective, cultural phenomenon: "FLY" wasn't positive 50 years ago, "KKK" is unfortunately not negative to some. Then there's the homogeneous sample group - mostly white folks.

Check out the typos in the press release. "Then" does not equal "than." There's a stunning lack of definition of which data was from which study. But you should still not name your kids after the city in which they were conceived. That is tacky, Mr. and Mrs. Beckham.

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