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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hanging Baskets of Sex and Death 

Sounds like the title of something in your DVD collection you don't want your mom to find, but it's actually a novel and interesting new method of pest control. University of Warwick scientists have designed these baskets to house a pest-specific virus and a source of said pest's sex pheromones, so that instead of farmers having to spray their crops, the pests infect and eliminate themselves. I wonder how long it'll take for either (a) the pest to react to this new selection pressure and evolve, (b) the virus to mutate and start killing other things, or (c) both.

Any bukkake fans out there will really enjoy this news: scientists have found a way to make hamster sperm glow green. The point is to better study sperm development and gene expression, but there's so much more potential for entertainment here. On literally the other end of the hamster-amusement lifespan, BoingBoing points us to Hamster Death Match.

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