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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Music and Beer 

Are two of my favorite things. Learning music may have stress-reducing effects, based on an Oxford study. The study was small and doesn't seem to have been as well controlled as I'd like, plus they are only measuring stress as heart rate, which is not a great measure. Still, I like anything that encourages people to learn music.

Beer and music, of course, go together. Another thing that goes with beer, is more beer. Thus, German researchers (of course they're German) have developed a beer mat - a coaster on this side of the pond - which senses when the mug is almost empty, and pages the barkeep for a refill. This is a brilliant concept, except for being a bit daft. What if you hold your beer aloft the whole time? If you're really just sitting at a bar (the only time you use a mat anyways), a decent bartender will see you're low and offer a refresh anyways. I really don't want anything that will make bad bartenders have an easier time of it!

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