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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Squid and Sadness 

I do love calamari. I wonder if giant calamari tastes different than regular?

New British treatment guidelines call for kids with depression to be treated with therapy before and in addition to being medicated. Not that this is actually any sort of change - everyone has always said that meds were supposed to be a last resort. People just can't be bothered to seek treatment, they just want a pill to make it better. Nevermind that these drugs have profound effects on kids, and that many times kids are just kids - emotionally labile, prone to tantrums, etc. - and it's just parents demanding that they act like they're not kids. I don't really have more to say, but it pisses me off that we medicate our kids out of their minds.

[UPDATE]: A leading SSRI, Paxil, may cause birth defects, according to a GlaxoSmithKline press release (PDF). Not that this should really surprise anyone, but still.

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