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Saturday, October 29, 2005

About the Benjamin 

Benjamin Franklin was a bit of a genius: statesman, diplomat, and scientist; his famous kite-flying activities were not the limit of his scientific explorations. This article very briefly outlines some of the medical techniques Franklin explored, including catheterization and bifocal lenses. The former was a bit of an act of daring, the latter an example of how something so obvious can elude us, until someone just sees it.

Meanwhile, a high-pitched wail has been heard coming from Mr. Franklin's grave: he seems to be spinning at about 25,000,000 rpm in response to the current US administrations attacks on science, diplomacy, and statesmanship.

Meanwhile, Cory at Boingboing points us to a replica of what may be the earliest Japanese robot. Shockingly, it neither ravages Tokyo nor battles aliens; it serves tea.

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