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Monday, October 10, 2005

Baby Food 

You shouldn't let them watch TV. You knew that, now there's just some science behind it. Many parents in the US also hear lots about what foods to feed their little ones - start with rice, don't give them hot peppers till much later, etc. - but it turns out that's probably all crap. As diabetes and obesity rates rise in the US, pediatricians are noticing that elsewhere in the world, parents feed their kids what they eat. Plus, the soft processed grains in all those "first foods" are high in simple sugars, which raise insulin levels and resistance, which isn't good.

But! While the article talks about how there's no science behind the old guideline, it doesn't focus on the lack of evidence in general. Also, there's a brilliant non-sequitur mid-way down the page: talking about her feeding habits, a Lebanese-American mother says "children in India eat like that," indicating hummus and baba ghanoush. Neither of which are, to my current knowledge, staples of the Indian diet. Just sayin'.

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