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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bad News for Assorted Parties 

One of the more Orwellian and distressing (at least to me) bits of modern governance is the increasing prevalence of robotic cameras to do jobs which ought to be done by actual people (or, as the case may be, cops). Street surveillance cameras have started popping up, watching for possible criminal activity, but the most common of these characters is the speed/red light camera.

In a result which apparently surprised people, a new study has shown that DC's red light cameras do not reduce accidents. But, of course, Chief Ramsey remains somehow convinced that they are doing something worthwhile - he just can't say exactly what. The bad news? That these cameras, and their likely privacy-shattering descendants, will continue to proliferate while accomplishing little aside from lining a few contractor's coffers.

And if you think you can escape harm by biking to work, beware: many types of bicycle seats seem to cause impotence. Ouch.

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