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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Placentas and Crackheads 

Two totally different bits of science this afternoon.

First, a new study indicates that the lipoprotein alleles of a fetus have as much effect on the mother's circulatory lipoprotein levels as do her own genes. This suggests that women who have been warned off of having kids due to her own dangerous alleles could in fact have kids, provided her gene donor mate man has the right genotype. Not that I'm advocating screening your partners or anything, ladies.

Second, a UCLA study asserts that for every dollar spent on substance abuse treatment, society saves $7. It makes good sense that one would see this sort of result. I wonder, however, if there was any estimation of the cost changes related to crimes of fashion? I wonder if the fetus' less-damaged toxin processing genes help the mother? Let's ask an expert:

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