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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Holiday Fat Blogging 

I'm going to be rather equivocal in the recent backlash against fat blogging. For starters, I gotta say that I really don't care about your latest diet. Yes, I know we're in the middle of an 'obesity epidemic,' but please be real: if you're a woman, size 10 is not obese. Unless you're 4'5", and even then.

Losing those five pounds of rib covering is easy: instead of stressing over which frozen dinner has less carbs and then blogging about it, do 25 situps and pushups*. Whatever nutritional fad/scheme-of-the-week you're trying, I've probably been there, done that and trust: it is not a worthwhile way to live.

On the other hand, I realize that blogging can be good therapy/a great support group. It's just that I'm guessing that plenty of 'fat blogging' comes from the same ladies who are constantly on a diet and asking their boy/girlfriends if a given outfit makes their ass look big (I do love you, but you know who you are). "No, the pants do not make your ass look big; the Cheetos do."

I have to throw the dieters a bone though: this Holiday Season® , you can automatically trim the portions you're likely to eat by using smaller utensils. See? Who says I'm not sensitive to dieters' needs?

* If I followed my own advice, I'd have a six-pack and nice arms, but alas, I have no self-discipline.

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