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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Irony, Technology, And Fat: A Good Morning 

The US went to war in Iraq based on claims that Saddam Hussein was developing/using weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons designed to maim and inhumanely kill his own people, right? Oops! Seems the US did that to the Iraqis as well. That white phosphorus is not classified as a "chemical weapon" is utterly irrelevant: if it looks like a duck, and pecks your eyes out like a duck, it's probably not a ham sandwich.

Two really, really cool new technologies are on the horizon: a new type of microscope and new type of camera. The microscope has resolution down to a single H atom, and can see - in real time! - protein trafficking. Really cool. Really, really, really cool. The new digital camera may be able to eliminate the need to stop and focus: you could snap your photo quick, and adjust the focus later on your computer. I wonder if you'll ever get the same super-sharpness you can with a really good lens though. Still, very cool.

High blood pressure? Eat more fat! Well, not really. But kinda: new research indicates that replacing about 10 percent of your dietary carbs with beans and other sources of unsaturated fats can raise your HDL ("good cholesterol") levels, help lower your blood pressure, etc. Yet another reason to eat healthy!

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