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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Jessica Cutler Show 

"...what started out as a roundtable quickly turned into The Jessica Cutler Show." This sounds like it should have been a tragedy.

The tragedy is that Cutler is the only interesting thing in the entire article: five sex columnists and four pages with nothing to say but "like, ohmigawd, she was, like, a hooker!" You'd think modern, liberated women who write about sex all day would be less prim: they talk about feminism, but apparently it's some new form of feminism which involves being quiet and docile and frigid. Le snore. Still, Cutler's antics at and surrounding this interview were pretty bizarre*.

In response to her antics, my friend and Hill resident WRC had this to say:

I think this conclusively proves that prolonged exposure to elected officials is a persistent contaminant that permanently alters brain function. Therefore we need to declare the Hill a superfund site and plow the Congress under.
I think this might lower property values enough for me to buy my house.

*I chatted briefly with the fabled
Washingtonienne at a party earlier this year; she was perfectly sweet and she has a well-spoiled cocker spaniel, so she's clearly good people. Just an easy target.

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