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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Yeah, so I broke down and found myself with K-Fed's new single, "Ya'll Ain't Ready" on my computer, and had a listen. Yeah, so I'm famously a massive music snob despite my unhealthy obsession with, say, Mylène Farmer. And yeah, I am aware that I risk heavy ridicule from the Gay Community by saying it.

"Kevin Federline is, like his wife, unforgivably painful to the ears."

I had to erase the track from my hard drive, and was sorely tempted to reformat the whole thing by way of exorcising the awfulness from my poor, innocent computer. There are, really, only about three white people who get to rap: Blondie, Eminem, and Stephen Hawking. There are no white people who get to try and sound like P.-Diddi-Daddi-Woomoomaaninononaananinanibooboo or whatever the fuck he's calling himself this week. Hell, I'd prefer if he stopped being himself himself. There is also no one in any way related to Sean Preston Spears Federline who should be allowed anywhere near a microphone, recording studio, or most importantly whatever it is a lyricist uses to write lyrics.

Just had to say. Yay for boozeblogging!

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