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Monday, November 14, 2005

Man Clears Himself of HIV? 

The Beeb is reporting that a UK man of 25, who was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2002, is now free of the virus. Now, first of all, can anyone say 'false positive'? I would love to believe that this is real, but given that the guy refuses to submit to real examination, I don't. If the story is to be believed, he is a ginormous fucking asshole to not let doctors seriously examine him - not become a permanent human guinea pig, but let them draw blood a few times, give him free donuts, and take a personal history, etc.

Aside from denying the world potential new treatments for HIV, he is also being totally irresponsible: if he lives his life as if he's negative, but is in fact not, he's putting himself and others at serious risk.

I really hope he contributes to a cure.

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