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Monday, November 07, 2005

Religious Conflict, Continued 

As we well know, there is a major battle raging between the forces of American Christianism and science (among other things, but science is my thing). The side of good and rationality (science, natch) has a slightly surprising ally: the Vatican.

A while back, the Vatican's cosmologist was vaguely critical of the 'intelligent design' nonsense, and now the Vatican has more or less gone on record in support of science and (probably less surprisingly) taking a potshot at the fundies rallying for ID. Yay for Catholics? It is interesting to me that we haven't heard this kind of stuff from the usually-vocal Rabbis...the ones I know seem to feel more or less the same way the Vatican guy does - science and religion are separate spheres.

So a priest, a rabbi and a geneticist walk into a Kansas elementary school... There's gotta be a joke there somewhere.

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