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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blazing Onions 

Yesterday night I decided to be uncharacteristically organized, and prepare my lunch salad fixings ahead of time, so I could sleep a bit longer this week. Washing spinach and chopping broccoli, carrots, and celery went as usual, but then came time to chop the big pretty red onion. Chopping onions is not usually a problem for me...until now. By the time I'd cut it in eighths, my eyes were watering and my nose burning. I began chopping.

When it was nicely diced, I put it in a glass tub and sealed the lid on top, crying like an infant. I washed my hands, knife, and cutting board with hot soapy water, but noticed as I returned to my desk that I still reeked of onion, and my entire respiratory tract was still burning.

This morning, I opened the tub, and the aroma it released was overwhelming. I added just a few bits to my salad - maybe a half cup's worth - and went on my way.

I finished my salad 5 minutes or so ago, and can still feel the onion burning in my throat. I love onions. Good thing I don't have a date tonight!

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