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Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Awkward Holiday Dinner Conversations 

You thought you were safe. This Thanksgiving, you managed to avoid talking about your lack of a girlfriend and your failure to go to medical school, you distracted your disapproving grandmother long enough for your sister to cover her low-cut top with a shawl, you even successfully steered the discussion away from the report your great aunt saw last night about teenagers and oral sex. You suffered through a six hour argumentlively discussion about local politics and how Big Bill Thompson at least kept things in order.

So, you figure, that's one family dinner down, if you can just get through Christmukkah, you're in the clear. You may have even plotted a safe conversation starter, and what could be safer than economics? Well, be warned: Cyprus has started using condoms and Viagra sales to measure inflation. If you feel comfortable explaining that to your grandmother, particularly when she is at close range and holding poultry shears, you come from a very different family than mine.

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