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Friday, December 09, 2005

Stick it in Your Mouth 

A recent study indicates that babies who sleep with a pacifier may be less likely to die in their sleep. It's a retrospective study - mothers were asked about their kids' last night of sleep - which makes me wonder about the response bias: moms of dead babies might be nervous about saying the 'wrong thing,' and there may be a bias against pacifier use. Or for it, I don't know.

After not dying as an infant, kids are bombarded with advertisements enticing them to eat junk food. The Kellogg Company has announced that it will begin making its food 'healthier' by replacing trans-fats with low linolenic soybean oil. This is, of course, just more marketing to parents. Parents, that is, who think that they are health-conscious, but really have no idea what they're talking about. Less trans fat is nice, but if you're really that concerned, give them an apple instead.

The thing is, while apples are fine, they don't have Tony the Tiger pimping them to kids every day during SpongeBob, and kids are still gonna want Frosted Flakes. And Pop-tarts. Et cetera. So, they need to burn those extra calories, so they don't get fat. The thing is, that doesn't seem to be the motivator that it is for teenagers and adults: a new study indicates that kids exercise for fun, plain and simple. Me too...if only the gym was as much fun as freeze-tag!

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