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Friday, December 09, 2005


Last night at St. Ex with NM and Kyle, we witnessed a tragedy: the ensemble sported by a member of the nearby loud, obnoxious, prepster-trash (the group's leader, a guy whose appearance and voice just screamed 'douchebag,' especially after he loudly announced that he was going to tip the bartender $1, due to some slight that seemed to involve waiting more than 15 seconds at the packed bar.) party standing next to us.

She was wearing a pouffy dress that looked like something Kelly Osborne might wear to a Halloween party as an Elvyra clone, with an amazing hefty fur shawl over it, which she kept flaunting and making sure everyone kept on noticing*. This is what I get for forgetting to bring my camera.

Anywhom. Technology now has an answer to your fugly-shawl woes: an electronic scarf that senses your outfit and changes colour to match! What could possibly go wrong?

* Not that I would do differently, if I was wearing a dead polyester weasel on my shoulders, but still.

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