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Bernhard Schlink

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good News and Something We Already Knew 

A new study seems to have partially restored brain development in trisomic mice - models for Down Syndrome. The study used a potent form of growth factor Sonic Hedgehog (ShhNp) to stimulate mitosis in the cerebella of the mice. This is an incredibly hopeful piece of news for future parents.

Sufferers of another genetic disease get good news today too: a study suggests that aerosol inhalation of concentrated saline twice a day reduces pulmonary symptoms and dangers of cystic fibrosis. That's really cool. And it's cheap, too!

You ever wonder how you just can't reason with some people? They insist, against all evidence, that dubya is a great president and competent leader, who would never go AWOL from anything, or that Al Gore invented the internet, etc.? Well, it's true. You can't reason with them, because partisans do not engage the rational-thinking parts of their brains when presented with information along political lines. They use emotional processing areas instead.

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