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Friday, January 06, 2006

It Can't Hurt? 

A new study indicates that pregnant women who don't get enough vitamin D have kids with weaker bones. Not precisely a surprise, so I'm wondering what the actual study was about (as opposed to the press release).

Men's Fitness magazine has, to everyone's bafflement, named Baltimore the 'fittest city' in the U.S., and Chicago 'the fattest.' I guess all that running from the cops and dodging bullets outweighs the fried-food diet. Honestly though, when even the magazine's editor essentially says the rankings are meaningless ("editor Neal Boulton is quick to point out that the survey is far from scientific"), why did he run it? If you're doing a survey, why not bother to make it at least a little bit valid? It's not that difficult, and I'm sure there are hundreds of unemployed sociology grad students who'd be glad to help.

And speaking of Chicago, it apparently does have a very fit population: of coyotes. The coyotes seem to have been exceedingly successful in adapting to the urban environment, fascinating scientists. They seem to be helping control problematic goose and rodent populations besides. Smart little varmits.

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