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Friday, January 20, 2006

New Targets, Actors, and a Whale 

Pregnant women should be sure to get enough Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, as deficiencies are associated with lower IQ and social problems later in the child's life. That means a couple of servings of oily fish a week, or, for those who are concerned about mercury (which you probably should be, when pregnant), a couple spoonfuls of flax or pumpkin seeds. Hemp seeds also have high Omega-3 content, but THC is not good for babies (and may induce spontaneous abortion).

As the kid grows up, you might worry that her incessant use of the cell phone might be bad. Rest (semi) assured, however: it probably doesn't cause brain cancer.

Once she's old and has to deal with other health problems, it's good to know not only that chocolate is healthy, but why (epicatechin improves circulatory health).

Further towards the end of life, a new gene therapy technique may be helpful: researchers have found a way to selectively silence one of the genes responsible for the development of Parkinson's Disease. Also, another study suggests that glia may be a good target for treating Alzheimer's Disease.

And everyone loves a wayward whale.

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