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Monday, January 09, 2006


The best way to do pharmaceutical research is on disabled children*.

NIMH researchers have discovered a potential new antidepressant target: p11, which interacts somehow with the 5HT-1B receptor, appears to be lowered in depressed patients.

Tempted to spend $10,000 on that full-body scan for cancer? Well, adopting a dog might be a better investment.

India is in the process of digitizing its ancient systems of medicine and healing, hoping to stop pharmaceutical companies from patenting them. In perfect form-fitting ridiculousness, a pharmaceutical industry rep, Mark Grayson of PhARMA claimed that his industry developed their drugs via computer modeling, but that somehow this database would "inhibit drug development." Turn those two statements over your logic wheels for a second.

* It's just fish oil, which is fairly well established to be not bad for you and probably helpful. I just couldn't resist the ridiculousness of it.

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