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Monday, January 30, 2006

Welcome to Dumbfuckistan 

Yesterday, Google summed up those currently in power, and today, an article in today's WaPo demonstrates how bad they really are. There is, apparently, a major debate in this country about whether or not health care providers are in fact required to provide care. ConservativesChristianists want to protect pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and insurance companies who don't want to provide certain types of care or care for certain types of people from losing their jobs.

I cannot even find words to describe how furious this makes me. If you are "morally opposed" to performing your job, get another bloody job. If I said I was "morally opposed" to using Excel, can I not do my work and be protected under these laws? Same thing.

And if you are "morally opposed" to treating gay/lesbian patients, you should have your license revoked, because you clearly aren't capable of providing competent care to anyone.

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