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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Supplements and Dancing Genes 

Smokers take note: research suggests that taking vitamin C supplements may reduce the vitamin E depletion caused by your filthy habit. This is especially cool as it's an example of how different nutrients and systems are interrelated. Which will encourage future studies into interactive systems, which is good.

While you're taking your vitamin C, take your vitamin D/calcium supplements. They don't provide much protection against fractures, but every little bit helps. Needless to say, I would really suggest eating better foods as a better way to get nutrients, but if the pills help, why the hell not.

Speaking of pills, all you scene queens should listen up: listening to loud music all night may increase the risk of brain damage from taking Ecstasy. I'm always dubious of drug research, but this study looks valid-ish. Granted, it's in rats, and they were probably just licking each other instead of drinking and dancing and ... licking each other ... like club kids, but still. Don't be an E-tard.

But do dance! And if you're no good, you may have an even better excuse: genetics. A Hebrew University study has found two genetic variants between dancers and others. I firmly believe that anyone can learn to dance, eventually, but this could be a difference between a Fred Astaire and your average 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant.

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