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Friday, March 17, 2006

Bad Atkins, Good Ginseng, Memory. 

More bad news for the Atkins Diet: a single case study published in the Lancet claims that the low-carb diet caused severe ketoacidosis in a patient. Yes, it's just an n of 1, but to get it published in the Lancet it may well have some merit.

A large, longitudinal study suggests that ginseng may improve survival and quality of life ratings for breast cancer patients. There are lots of confounds, but this is a first step towards getting a real clinical trial done, which is what's needed.

UMn and Hopkins researchers have found a type of the amyloid-beta protein - famous for its accumulation in Alzheimers Disease - that seems to be a direct cause of memory loss in mice. If this pans out, it could lead to a breakthrough in targeted drug development and treatment of AD and other cognitive disorders. Cool!

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