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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bad for Teeth and Sperm, Good for Hair 

Fluoride's supposed to be good for your teeth, right? That's why we put it in our water supply, and if you compare our teeth in the US to teeth in places where they don't fluoridate (the UK, Japan), it seems to work. However, a National Research Council study suggests that naturally fluoridated water - with fluoride concentrations as much as twice what's added to artificially fluoridated water - may cause tooth enamel damage and bone brittleness. Ruh-roh...

Exposure to high levels of ozone seems to lower mens' sperm counts. The effect seems to be indirect, via some inflammatory response, but could lead to interesting follow-up.

And in the world of extreme art, a Chinese artist used a single rabbit hair to paint a panda onto a single human hair. Who wouldn't want a head covered in Butterstick?

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