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Bernhard Schlink

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Monday, March 27, 2006


My weekend visit to Ann Arbor can really be summed up in two and a half words: windowsill dancing. And there's some really cool science popping up too!

German researchers seem to have gotten embryonic stem cell-like cells from testicular biopsy. Hopefully the cells will turn out to work like proper stem cells, and be used to treat disease. (Yes, I said "testicular biopsy." As in "chopping bits of the balls to get cells.")

Identification of the gene for a receptor which seems to be responsible for sensing the spiciness of garlic, mustards, and wasabi may lead to breakthroughs in pain therapy. Or a new extreme sport.
European Space Agency scientists seem to have discovered a strong "gravitomagnetic field." Physics has always been my weakness, so I don't really get much of the detail, but it's clear that this is really cool. I want my anti-gravity car!

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