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Monday, March 13, 2006

A New Excuse 

My grades dropped pretty heavily once I entered high school, and did not reliably recover in college (despite this post). I always associated this with my discovery, at some point in the 8th grade, that my school was structured in a way that meant that, if I worked my ass off and learned a lot, I could get 'A's, but if I played Street Fighter 2 and made stuff up in class, I could get 'B's.

I did the obvious, and played video games. I payed for it in college, when such tricks were not effective, and I think the residual 'catching up' on work habits still lingers over me.

But, you see, there was another incident in the 8th grade that I pretty much wrote off as an excuse after the 9th grade. I won't go into it, but the relevant result is that I have persistent tinnitus in my right ear. An Australian study suggests that chronic tinnitus may impair performance on demanding working memory and attention tasks. No wonder all that ADD medication didn't work!

Now all I want is my bionic ear.

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