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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Unshocking News 

News that erectile dysfunction is linked to heart disease was so unremarkable to me that I didn't even blog about it. But, another study, pointed out by JK, indicates (also totally unsurprisingly) that a healthy diet and exercise can reduce the symptoms of ED and the risk of heart trouble. I guess this is kindof a no-brainer for me: we know that being unfit hurts your performance in bed, and that it increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. I guess this goes back to why I initially ignored the ED-CVD link, which is because it seemed like there had to be a common factor. Bad science, I know, but if I'd had funding/a lab, I'd have done a similar follow up before bothering to publish.

It certainly seems that organic farming should be less harmful to the environment than is artificial-fertilizer agrobiz style farming, but perhaps only because we woolley-headed liberals like to think that anything natural is inherently better. Lucky for us, research suggests that organic farming really is better for the environment. Yay.

Last but not least, BoingBoing tempts me with a new toy: a kitchen freezing table. So awesome!

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