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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yuppie Scum du Jour 

The place: Tenley Whole FoodsPaycheck.

The offender: a young-ish (probably 35-40) woman and her 5-year-old.

The crime: the woman is walking through the (narrow) aisles, attempting to push two carts - hers, containing her groceries, and the one claimed by her son, containing a GI Joe - with her left hand and hold on to her kid with her right hand. She takes up the whole aisle, and makes no real effort to move aside when anyone wants to go the other way.

I'm all for letting kids be kids - I think we should do more of it. We should even allow them some license with adult rules of conduct. I draw the line, however, at disruptive rudeness in the name of indulgence. If the kid wants to push the cart, let him do so, but if he cannot do so, he does not need his own cart.

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