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Monday, April 03, 2006

Decisions...I need help! 

So I'm going to grad school. The good news is that I got in to my top choices, Michigan and Emory, but the bad news is ... I have to pick. The programs are both top-ranked, and very well respected, and the curricula are very similar. Emory's in Atlanta, which has climate going for it, and the people are much much much more diverse and also friendlier. But I have a number of friends in Ann Arbor, and they also have friends (who are, presumably, also fun and cool). I'm comfortable with Ann Arbor as a place to live.

I don't know which school's going to offer better job prospects, or even better internships while I'm there. And then there's the quality of life question.

Is there anything to do on or near Emory's (specifically, the Rollins School of Public Health) campus? I visited, and did not find a pub or coffeeshop in proximity. I was a bit put off by Emory's LGBT group's table at the visit day: the only thing they had was a big "Safe Spaces" brochure. Now, I have a loud mouth and tend to get ... aggressive ... when faced with homophobia, and "dealing with the cops" is not how I want to spend grad school.

Does anyone know Emory? Any chance you went to Rollins SPH? What's it like? Did you get a good job? Were you bored with the location? Do you know Michigan? Did you get a good job? Besides the cold-assed-ness, how'd you like Ann Arbor?

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